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Apply to Join the Assless Chapel

The Assless Chapel is currently recruiting for 2 new members.  Feel free to send us an email if you're interested in joining our camp.  What’s The Assless Chapel, you ask?  We believe in gifting people the wedding that can’t have off-Playa – and showing off our asses while we do it.  Learn more about what we do by reading our About page and our Blog.

We typically aim for a camp size of 15 people.  We have included people from a wide range of ages from mid-20s to late-60s and our Burning Man experience ranges from virgins to 20 burns.

We are non-hierarchical and old school decommodified.  We do not charge camp dues.  Everyone gives what they can with no expectation of something in return.  We do not care if you got your own ticket or if we got you a ticket.  You cannot pay your way instead of working your way.  Everyone contributes and no one is keeping score.  We do not use any outside services.

All that means that everyone at The Assless Chapel must be truly self-reliant.  While some of us have strong Playa skills and equipment to share, our campers must provide for themselves as if they were not part of a theme camp.

On the other hand, we all work together to make The Assless Chapel happen.  Everyone is expected to help with weddings in a variety of ways.  While there are many camps that need yoga instructors, sound healers, cooks and a wide variety of other wonderful skill sets, we are focused on those things relevant to creating a great camp that provides great weddings and particularly people who can work hard when necessary.

Finally, though it should go without saying, I do feel the need to mention what we don’t tolerate in our camp.  No creeps, no leaving a trace and no Instagram obsessives.  Consent is everything and should be enthusiastic.  Start LNT at home and carry it through until you’re off the playa.  Do not treat The Assless Chapel as a default world brand.

OK, so, if we seem like the right camp for you, how do you apply?

Email  We'll schedule a Zoom call and send you our camp agreements.

Thank you everyone for your interest and, whatever your path is to the Playa, please stop by and say hi.  We’re camped at 4:45 and D.

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