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The Assless Chaplain was married in 2010 to another, veteran Burner.  Two weeks after their wedding, they and a bunch of their friends, veterans and Birgins alike, headed out to Black Rock City.  The Chaplain's best friend led the secret planning for a wedding on the USS Nevada, which was one of the greatest nights of their lives.

Shortly thereafter, The Chaplain lost his friend and, after one return visit to The Temple in his memory, took a 10-year hiatus from Burning Man.  But now, it's time to take that fire, first lit in 2010, and pass it on to others.

The Assless Chapel first manifested itself on the Playa with the hard work of Curtis, Red, Sia and Squid, along with the often drunken, usually mediocre, but always earnest - let's call it leadership - of the Chaplain.

That year we conducted some 20+ weddings and dedicated ourselves to returning annually.  Keep reading to learn more about how we can make your wedding dreams come true this year and feel free to check out our blog or contact us.


“The ceremony was perfect."


"My words cannot express how perfect and beautiful you made our ceremony. Thank you again for everything"


"THANK YOU again for the amazing job you did on the wedding, it was truly one of the highlights of our camp this year!!."

You in 70 Years

“That was the greatest wedding ever, the sexiest officiant possible, the most amazing venue imaginable and we've stayed married now for the past 70 years and raised 17 children, all because of The Assless Chapel.”

Playa Weddings

We are excited to do all sorts of weddings, so just let us know what your dream is.  Below is an explanation of some of the different types of wedding that we've done.

  • Legally-Binding Ceremonies

For many Burners, there is no better venue for a wedding than Black Rock City.  If that includes you, please reach out!  Unlike many of Burning Man's joys, you can't be completely spontaneous for this one.  The nice folks over at the Pershing County Clerk's office are happy to help out, but, even if you rush things, you'll probably need a couple of months to get the paperwork done.  In the meantime, though, you and The Assless Chaplain can start planning your dream Playa wedding!  If you want to be legally married at Burning Man, read this and/or reach out to the Chaplain right away!

  • Pre-Planned, Non-Legally-Binding Ceremonies

If you're looking to have a meaningful wedding ceremony on the Playa, but don't need the legal paperwork, we'd love to host you at The Assless Chapel!  Though we won't be in a rush with the County Clerk, please do reach out in advance so we can be sure to plan the wedding of your dreams!

  • Married 'Til Monday

Find a new honey on the Playa?  Fall in love as the sun came up over the Temple?  Or is Black Rock City the site of your yearly rendezvous with that cutie who lives a plane flight away?  Well, we've got the wedding ceremony for you!  Get Married 'Til Monday, complete with wedding certificates to commemorate your temporary nuptials, which, if necessary, can be burnt to annul your short-lived life commitment!

  • Marry Yourself

Hey you!  Lookin' pretty good over there!  What's that?  Not so lucky in love right now?  Well, you seem like marriage material yourself, so why not marry your greatest prospect at the moment: yourself!  Some of our most fun ceremonies have been people marrying themselves and we hope you'll consider stopping by to bind yourself eternally to, well, yourself and share some drinks, music, dancing and stories with us while you're at it.

  • Impromptu Weddings

One of the greatest things about Burning Man are the unexpected interactions that tie us together and fill our hearts.  We love spontaneous, Playa weddings.  In fact, we keep the Chapel open during certain hours for anyone to come by and get married.  As we get closer to Burning Man 2023, we'll post hours on our website and we also keep a chalkboard up on the Playa with our plans.  For grander ceremonies, though, we really recommend planning with us in advance.  Though we have put together some memorable weddings at the last minute, we can only do a couple of these each burn, as we, ourselves, also want to get out on the Playa and have some fun!

The Assless Chapel Crew

The People Who Make it Happen

We are a camp that lives the Ten Principles in a pure form. We have no camp dues, don't use OSS and are old-school self-reliant.  More importantly, we live radical inclusion on the Playa.  Here are some of our members.

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