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The Assless Chapel Newsletter #7: Communal Effort Edition


I want to thank everyone in the group for stepping up and making sure we’ve got all tasks covered. This is when the real work begins: when we come together to produce our part of Black Rock City. Upon arrival on the Playa, our communal effort will be joined to that of many others to create the greatest city I have ever known. And these efforts don’t stop at the Playa. Burner art, events, charity and volunteerism span the globe. Our camp will send people home with some of their greatest memories and eternal bonds of love.

From here on out, these newsletters will be more focused on our communal efforts to bring this camp to fruition. Please make sure to read them carefully. I look forward to getting everything done and seeing you all in the dust, year after year!


Prateek decided not to join us. A photographer reached out to me, but I haven’t heard from her in two days. I still hope to attract more campers but need to put that on the back burner for a bit, while we focus on camp creation.


I don’t have anything major to report, but check out The Clock Ship Tere:


Antony and Yosi – you’ll get invites to buy your tickets on the 15th of July. I’d also like us all to try to get OMG tickets. We can then STEP sell them to a DJ and other useful additions to our camp and lighten the load for everyone. I asked BORG for 4 Thursday entry passes and 7 Friday entry passes. We may have some friends of Dreammaker and Stargazer join us for build, so they can grab open camping near us as soon as allowed.


One of the big things we’re working on right now are the shade structures. Yosi is spearheading this with support from Torsten and, to a lesser extent, myself. I know it’s a stretch, but could you have a basic plan together within the next week, including all purchases we’ll need to make? If we find some cheap or great solution later on, we can adjust accordingly.

I’m working on designing a ceremony for the public “Married ‘Til Monday” event. I think I’d like to host these on Monday evening at sundown; Tuesday at noon; and Wednesday at 6a (I know that sounds crazy, but I figure it’s a good time for new lovers who have been out all night). Please send me your feedback on this, I’d like to get the events into the WhatWhereWhen ASAP. For the 6a one, I don’t expect anyone to wake up for it, unless you’d like to – can’t imagine it would be too many people for me to handle.

I’m also applying to the State of Nevada for the legal authority to conduct the couple of legally-binding marriages we’ll be doing. More bureaucracy than I would have thought. I just sent out the big, long newsletter full of tasks, so I’ll spare you the repetition and just ask that you keep the group in the loop as you figure things out and get them done. Thank you all!


Communities are about belonging. But communal effort is a more specific aspect of community. It’s the action that makes belonging to a community worthwhile. Even though we are so far apart from one another, I believe we have an opportunity to create our own community and to work together to make that a worthwhile and rewarding part of our lives. In doing so, we’ll be doing our part to creating the Black Rock City community and finding fulfillment in doing so. And our efforts will most certainly create memories and marriages that will brighten the default world.

The Man burns in 59 days!

In 1997, was launched. An animated version of this image of the Man was on that version of the site. Pretty fancy stuff for the Internet of that time. Check out how few streets the city has and how there was no Temple.

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